Never Settle

if you're someone who could use a creative escape and the perfect excuse for a fun night out, you're in the right place!

As the manager of my family, for a long time I poured my heart and soul into being a good mom with a clean house. Work, pickups, chores, bedtime routines, repeat was my life, and I didn't make time for much else!

Pictures from my past, tucked away in forgotten albums, became tender reminders of who I used to be: social, fun, creative and loving life!

Self help blogs helped me realize that I was doing a lot of settling - something I don't recommend! It finally occurred to me at 35 that my life did not have to stay lacking the vibrancy and joy I once knew.

This inspired my side hustle of hosting floral design workshops - a passion that combines all things I love: socialization, flowers, design, good cocktails, and fun nights out.

If you're ready to have a fun night out with friends, register now. Bringing home flowers and a new floral design skill set is just the bonus!

Lucky Blooms Workshop Lake Country

Each ticket includes

  • all floral supplies including fresh flowers, foliage, and vase - $60 value
  • One complimentary craft cocktail or NA drink - $12 value
  • step by step guidance and pro tips from a professional florist - $50 value
  • A charming atmosphere at The Water Street Brewery Lake Country
  • Total Value - $122

For a limited time while spots are still available, reserve your spot for only $50!

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Vines + Violet

Lucky Blooms Floral Design Workshop Lake Country

Lucky Blooms Floral Design Workshop Lake Country

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Vines + Violet Milwaukee

Meet Alyssa, Owner and Lead Designer

Alyssa is a Brookfield, WI based florist who specializes in event florals and workshops. Her floral journey began on Etsy with a faux floral shop and evolved into fresh florals and workshops. She's passionate about sharing her floral knowledge with others and spreading beauty with flowers!

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  • What if I need to cancel?

    Not a problem. Please let us know by sending an email to or text 920-979-3235 and you will receive a full refund.

  • How long will my flowers last?

    You can expect your arrangement to last at least a week with proper care such as adding fresh water every other day and storing at room temperature away from direct sunlight and ripening fruit.

  • How many people will be at the workshop?

    This varies, but typically around 25 people.

  • Are NA and mocktail drinks included with the drink ticket?


  • What kind of flowers will we be using at the Lucky Blooms Workshop?

    The design recipe includes 3 stems of fuchsia stock, 5 antique blush carnations, chamomile, and a mix of greenery.

  • Can food be ordered during the event?

    Yes! You are more than welcome to order food during the workshop.