Wedding Flowers FAQ

Are some flowers only available during some months of the year?

Yes, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and weather conditions have a significant impact on availability of flowers. 

For example, Peonies are only available for a few weeks in mid-Spring (most often late May) but the specific availability often changes from year to year, depending on how cold the winter has been and how wet the early weeks of spring are.

Do you offer wedding packages?

Yes! We offer an amazing solution to save you time and money. Email us for more information about our packages.

Do you offer rental items or do I need to supply my own vases?

We do offer a range of rentals including vases and ceremony trellises.

How much do wedding flowers usually cost?

There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. Most of our couples spend between $4000 – $7500 on their wedding flowers.

We suggest 10-15% of your total wedding budget but if you want florals to be a significant component of the experience for the day, we would recommend allocating closer to 25-30% of your total budget to flowers.

Do I need a theme or vision for my day?

No, not at all.

We do suggest though that you do a little research about the types of flowers and designs you like – everyone’s tastes are different and there are hundreds of options when it comes to wedding flower design. Even one or two inspiration photos can point us all in the right direction.

you don’t need to have thought through every detail. We’ve managed more than 300 weddings and know our local venues incredibly well. We’re always happy to provide suggestions and options for ceremony and reception styling ideas as well.

Where are you located?

Our design team is based in Brookfield, WI. We coordinate flowers for couples across the greater Milwaukee area.

Is there a minimum budget or spend?

We have a $1000 minimum although most of our couples spend $4000-$7500 on flowers.

Will you deliver my flowers on the day?

Absolutely, we’ll deliver all your flowers personally. We’ll coordinate the time and location with you during the planning process.

Get in touch with us!

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