Top 3 Favorite Flowers to use in Bridal Bouquets

Top 3 Favorite Flowers to use in Bridal Bouquets

Every wedding is a unique celebration of love, and the bridal bouquet plays a central role in capturing the essence of this special day. At Vines + Violet we believe in the power of flowers to tell a story and set the mood. In this blog post, we're excited to share our top three favorite flowers for designing breathtaking bridal bouquets that leave an unforgettable impression.

At the heart of our favorite bridal bouquets is the exquisite stock flower. This bloom not only boasts a delicate and captivating appearance but also carries a fresh with a splash of sweet fragrance that well compliments the bridal experience.

1. Stock: Abundant with Bulk

Why We Love Stock:

  • Fragrance: The aromatic allure of stock flowers adds a touch of romance and sophistication to the bouquet.
  • Texture: The tightly clustered blooms create a lush and full appearance, adding depth and dimension.
  • Versatility: Available in an array of colors, stock flowers effortlessly complement various wedding themes and color palettes.

2. Queen Anne's Lace: Nature's Lace for Timeless Beauty

For brides seeking an elegantly timeless touch, is our go to choice. Its delicate, lacy umbels add a sense of whimsy and natural beauty to any bouquet.

Why We Love Queen Anne's Lace:

  • Romantic Intricacy: The intricate design of Queen Anne's Lace creates a romantic and fairy-tale-like quality.
  • Natural Sophistication: Perfect for both rustic and classic weddings, Queen Anne's Lace adds a touch of natural sophistication.
  • Versatile Complement: Blends seamlessly with other flowers, offering endless bouquet design possibilities.

3. Spray Roses: Petite Elegance with Endless Possibilities

Many bridal bouquets are not complete without the timeless elegance of spray roses. These petite blooms on a single stem bring a sense of refinement and versatility to every arrangement.

Why We Love Spray Roses:

  • Abundant Blooms: Multiple blooms on one stem create a full, luxurious look in the bouquet.
  • Varied Sizes: The diverse sizes of blooms add visual interest and texture to the overall arrangement.
  • Extended Bloom Time: Ensures the bouquet stays fresh and vibrant throughout the celebration.


 At Vines + Violet, we understand that every bride deserves a bouquet as unique as her love story. These three floral gems—Stock, Queen Anne's Lace, and Spray Roses—serve as the perfect ingredients for bridal bouquet design that reflect individual style and create unforgettable beauty.

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