Top 2024 Milwaukee Wedding Trends

Top 2024 Milwaukee Wedding Trends

At Vines + Violet, we stay in front of the latest wedding flower trends to ensure our couples have a front row view for their upcoming 2024 Milwaukee wedding. Here are the top 2024 wedding trends we are seeing:

Texture and Rare Botanicals - A wedding is not an every day event and in 2024 your wedding flowers should reflect that fact with lots of variety, color, texture, shapes and sizes. Also expect plants of all sizes to be popular wedding accents.

Satin - So classy and so sexy, satin will be a big 2024 wedding trend and we will see a lot of it. In addition to satin, we are envisioning lots of 2024 weddings to have Bridgerton vibes that pair over the top fancy with classic elegance. Yes, please!

Olive Green - We are anticipating lots of olive green in 2024 wedding color palettes to really give that natural beauty feel. For some contrast, peach is also expected to be quite popular.

Color - Speaking of colors, color in general is coming back after a long neutral phase and we are here for it! This is music to a florist's ears - name a better way to incorporate color on your wedding day than with flowers?

Large Scale Floral Statement Pieces - This is a trend that is here and here to stay! Think ceiling installations, backdrops, aisle florals, entryway statement pieces, and more - the bigger the better.

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